When the word costume comes to mind it makes me think of a disguise, like someone dressing up and blending in so they aren’t noticed. I wrote this poem based of-of that idea.


By: L. Shreve

I am standing here unnoticed today

Becuase I am engulfed in a costume.

My costume is who

all my friends know me to be

My costume is what

I cant go without.

My costume is a burden

I choose to carry,

because I don’t give myself a choice.


You would think that

I could just take it off

and show my true identity.

But if I were to try I surely would be rejected.

Deserted by friends and even family,

The very moment I turn away

From what the world wishes me to be

Is the moment I turn towards me.


And so I wear this costume,

This burden I have laid on my own shoulders,

The burden that the world anchors me too.

I wish that just once I could take off my costume

Like so many little people have,

and show the world who I am truly meant to be.


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